Group Slut Fic

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Synonyms: GSF, Group Sex Fic, Group Slash Fic, Groupslash
See also: OT3, OT4, Gateroom Orgy, Polyfic
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Group Slut Fic, or GSF, indicates that the romantic or sexual grouping in a story consists of three or more members of the band or team. The term does not necessarily indicate that the protagonists are sleeping around or swinging, and may be used to refer to a polyfidelitous relationship in which all partners within the relationship have sex only with one another. The term was coined in popslash, but is also used in bandom.

When it was first used in popslash, it didn't necessarily mean group sex; often it just marked stories where many members of the band had sex over the course of the story. lovelypoet says, "I don't remember exactly who's story it was that first described itself as GSF, but it was popslash, with either Justin sleeping with every member of Nysnc while Lance pined for him... or vice versa." [1]

One of the first pages that used the GSF term was Temporary Insanity, a popslash site. One of the stories there was labeled GSF as early as September 2001.[2]


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