Temporary Insanity

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Name: Temporary Insanity
Owner/Maintainer: Julad
Dates: 2001 to present
Type: slash fanfiction, RPS
Fandom: 'N Sync
URL: http://yearningvoid.net/insanity/
Temporary insanity.png
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Temporary Insanity is a popslash site that was influential in the first wave of the fandom; the authors archived there are Julad, Calico, and Nemoinis, with Julad as the site owner/maintainer. In addition to the fiction, the site also was the gathering place for a couple of fandom-related activities; Profound Stupidity, where various fans wrote 'N Sync related haiku, and PicProv, where pictures were regularly posted as a starting point for stories, especially the type of quickly-written short stories that were part of the early culture of the fandom, called mprovs.

Notable stories include: Julad's Exception To The Rule, a riff on The Same Inside, and Fragile, an early-ish story in the great wave of Chris/Lance fiction that swept the fandom; Calico's sexy Relief and Rumour; and Nemoinis' crackfic Milk.