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Name: Goth TK
Occupation: Parody of Takaishi Takeru
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Goth TK was a popular fan-made Digimon character from The Lost Temple of Ishida, a humorous web shrine dedicated to Ishida Yamato, one of the characters from the first and second season of Digimon. The site's creator, Clare, invented Goth TK as a parody of Yamato's younger brother Takaishi Takeru, known as TK in the American dub.

As a stereotypical goth, Goth TK wore mostly black clothes, including a t-shirt with the word DEATH running down it, used black nail polish and eyeliner, and wrote angsty poetry and short fiction. Goth TK was jealous of his brother Yamato's status as their parents' favorite child and had a love/hate relationship with Motomiya Daisuke.[1]

The Temple hosted fanart of Goth TK, including images by the popular Digimon fanartist Koani.


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