Give and Take

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Title: Give and Take (ギブアンドテイク Gibuandoteiku)
Circle: Kurosusutou (黒煤党)
Doujinka: Mako Futoshi (真己ふとし Futoshi Mako)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: May - August 2002
Type: manga
Size: B5
Language: Japanese
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Give and Take (ギブアンドテイク Gibuandoteiku) is a series of Harry Potter doujinshi by Kurosusutou. It consists of two Harry x Draco books, which are non-explicit shounen ai.

Give and Take 1

Give and Take (ギブアンドテイク) was published on May 4, 2002 and contains 18 pages.[1]

One collector writes: "One of three Harry/Draco doujinshi I've got from this circle. They're all quite nicely drawn and with similar hurt/comfort-themed stories."[2]

Another summarizes: "Another lovely book by Futoshi Mako. Harry and Draco have a fight and come close to kissing."[3]

Give and Take 2

Give and Take 2 (ギブアンドテイク②) was published on August 9, 2002 and contains 26 pages.[4]

One collector summarizes: "Harry and Draco end up in the forest and Draco is injured."[3]


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