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Title: Giantkiller
Publisher: Goldenlake Tamora Pierce Forum
Date(s): 2009-present
Medium: e-zine
Fandom: Tamora Pierce
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Giantkiller is an interactive e-zine newsletter that is posted quarterly by members of the Goldenlake Tamora Pierce Forum. Each issue contains articles, essays, spotlights on fan fiction writers and fan artists: "Our format is interactive - all articles are summarised in this post, with links provided to the full articles, where readers can comment and discuss the articles. The Fanzine is very board-centric, and this particular edition focuses on Goldenlake's opening and early endeavours!"

Issue 1

Issue 1 was published in June 2009.

  • Introductions - From Admin: Katty talks staff, the Goldenlake community, ongoing projects, upcoming events, Giantkiller, and of course, Duke Roger of Conte.
  • Letter from the Editor - Rjo thanks all those involved with Giantkiller and comments on the challenges of putting a fanzine together in under a month.
  • Upand Coming Events - See all our planned community events for the rest of 2009: bookclub, drabble prompts, exchanges, competitions and more!
  • Board Update - Ubiquitous highlights some of the best discussions and most amusing threads on Goldenlake so far.
  • Mod Spotlight - We shine the spotlight on our two Administrators, Katty and Ubiquitous, and try to get to know them a little better (if you dare!).
  • Writing, News and Reviews - Bloodhound Review - Anaroriel reviews Tammy Pierce's newest release, Bloodhound. The review contains minimal spoilers.
  • Q&A with Tammy Pierce - Katty puts the important questions to Tammy: Will Vedris make Sandry his heir, What was Sabine's quarrel with Roger, and (most importantly) Will we see any more Duke Roger?
  • New Quasi-Canon - A convenient summary of all the snippets of news and new quasi-canon revealed on Random Buzzers for both Tortall and Emelan!
  • Competitions Update - Isha gives us an overview of the success of Goldenlake's first competition, the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament.
  • Breaking the Block - Rojo discusses ways to defeat Writer's Block.
  • Graceling Review - Rojo reviews Kristin Cashore's debut release, Graceling (no spoilers).
  • For Your Enjoyment
    • Tortall Fanfiction Recommendations. Rosie highlights a variety of well written, entertaining Tortall fanfiction.
    • Emelan Fanfiction Recommendations. Isha highlights a variety of well written, entertaining Emelan fanfiction.
    • Fanfiction Author Spotlight. Rosie shines the Author Spotlight on writer and Goldenlake member, k4writer02.
    • Fanart Highlight. Zbilja and Anaroriel highlight a few pieces of Fanart submitted to the board.
  • Let Us Entertain You.
    • A Revised History of Tortall. Explore the myth and magic surrounding the legend of Tortall's most charismatic teddy, Lord Theodore.
    • A Day in the Life Of...Walk the steps of a day in the life of a Royal Page - mayhem, mischief and almost-naked Joren (ISHA!!)
    • Top Ten Tips. Jonathan of Conte shares his top ten tips for surviving overly ambitious relatives.
  • Letters to Miss R A Oul. Our resident agony aunt, Miss R A Oul, tries her best to answer the tricky and twisted letters from our Tortallan readers.
  • Gossip Gixie. Gossip reporter, Gossip Gixie, shares her scandalous scoop!
  • Personals and Classifieds. Whether you're looking for a magic corset, someone to feed you brains, or that special love interest, this is the place to advertise.

Issue 2

Issue 2 was published September 2009. Table of contents can be found here.

Issue 3

Issue 3 was published December 2009. Table of contents can be found here.

Issue 4

Issue 4 was published March 2010. Table of contents can be found here.

Issue 5

Issue 5 was published June 2010. Table of contents can be found here.

Issue 6

Issue 6 was published September 2010. Table of contents can be found here.

Issue 7

Issue 7 was published December 2010. Table of contents can be found here.