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Title: Genzai (原罪),
The original sin
Circle: Jelly Beans
Doujinka: Mist (story), YuYa KiGiRi (illustrations), Oto Houjyo (guest), Kakeru ("title logo", blue cover only?)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Type: manga
Size: 24 pages
Language: Japanese
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Genzai (原罪, "Original Sin") is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Jelly Beans. Two versions of the doujinshi were released. The contents each version are the same but they have different covers; one has the subtitle The original sin.

The story is Tom Riddle-centric and contains dark themes. One fan writes: "This is a Tom Riddle doujinshi (rated R for violence & nudity). It focuses on his memory in the diary and why he decides to target Harry. The art is generally quite good; dark to go along with the general tone of the story."[1] Another describes it as "slightly dark, but beautiful art."[2]


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