Genesis (multimedia zine)

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Title: Genesis
Editor(s): Connie Lee
Date(s): 1983
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS & Original Science Fiction & multimedia
Language: English
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Genesis is a gen multifandom anthology with 39 pages.

From an ad in Universal Translator #24: "... a multi-media zine with an emphasis on sf. Among the characters you'll meet are T'Pon, Starfleet Commander and Spock's sister; Ranni Tattaran, the knife-wielding ex-compatriot of Han Solo; and his boss, the lady pirate, Callipe Jiin. BG and other stories included."


  • A Strange Visit to a Strange World by Connie Lee (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (4)
  • The Vulcan Triangle by Cleo St. Gillian Horvath (Star Trek: TOS) (6)
  • Well, Vulcan to Vulcan - By Half by I. Joan Kokolus (Star Trek: TOS) (9)
  • And You Say, Captain Kirk? by I. Joan Kokolus (Star Trek: TOS) (10)
  • A Nightmare Revisited by Connie Lee (Battlestar Galactica) (11)
  • Incorrigible by Muffey (Star Wars) (13)
  • Elegy for Han Solo by Cleo St. Gillian Horvath (Star Wars) (24)
  • A Brand New Me by Connie Lee (misc) (24)
  • Extinction by Francis Mao (Star Wars) (25)
  • While There's Still Time by Richard Pollet (Voyagers) (29)
  • Advertisements (32,38)
  • art by Joshua Park (front and back cover), Kate Kimura, Francis Mao, and Adam Chiu (fold-out)