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Name: Gayle F
Alias(es): Sylvia Knight [1]
Type: writer, zine editor, zine publisher, fan artist, vidder
Fandoms: Star Trek, Blake's 7, Wiseguy, others
URL: at the K/S Archive
a 1979 self-portrait from Starborne
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Gayle F was hugely influential in early Kirk/Spock fandom. She wrote some of the classics of that time, such as Mirrors of Mind and Flesh, edited, illustrated and published The Price and The Prize, and other K/S zines.

Her illustration style was very stylized yet lush, and she moved easily between simple portraiture and elaborate and sometimes explicit story illustration. K/S stories of the time often posited unusual versions of Spock's alien genitalia, and her art often reflected them -- she even made a famous paperdoll set with different sets of Vulcan penises.

She continued doing cover art for zines long after she stopped writing or publishing zines of her own.

Later, Gayle started vidding, both with Tashery Shannon and alone -- she was an early slash vidder in Blake's 7 fandom. After a multiple year hiatus, she reappeared primarily as a Wiseguy vidder in the late 1990s, collaborating with Lynn C. and later Morgan Dawn.

She is still active as an invited guest at K/S cons.


Fan Comments

"Gayle's zines are all among the most beautiful and most carefully-produced works ever to come out of fandom. She herself was probably the leading K/S artist of her day, often using a highly stylized Art Nouveau or Aubrey Beardsley style that is both flowing and extremely explicit." [1]

"... the first time I ever saw GF, I looked across a room and saw a woman in a flowing patterned dress with a filmy overdress that was also patterned, so that as she moved the two patterns slipped over each other to make an ever-changing, intricate moire; and I said to myself, "That has got to be GF." And indeed it was! (None of the patterns involved delicate flowers with penis stamens, though.)" [2]

"And may I just say, in no uncertain terms, that you have not *lived* until you've seen [Gayle F's] art. This woman was/is a fucking genius. Her drawings of Kirk and Spock are explicit, mythical, transcendent and completely mind-blowing." [3]

Her Debut in 1976

From Interphase #2:
cover of the Interphase calendar, Gayle F's debut in a fanzine
The extra chunk of paper that fell out of the envelope... is the Special Calendar Supplement... Let me mention right here that the calendar is only available as part of the zine; it is not available separately. [Gayle F], the artist whose illustrations make the calendar so special, has been on the periphery of fandom for a while, but this is, I believe, her debut in a fanzine. Gayle is a multi-talented and remarkably imaginative person (you will probably be seeing her excellent fiction in zines soon, as well as her dynamic artwork), and it is with wide-eyed, 'goshwow' gratitude that I'd like to publicly her welcome to fanzine fandom.

In Her Own Words: 1982

In 1982, she was nominated for a FanQ award and submitted the following bio to The Annual Fan Q Awards Nominations Booklet:
"I've been involved in Star Trek Fandom since 1976, as artist, writer, and editor. I published THE PRICE AND THE PRICE (with Syn Ferguson), and MIRRORS OF MIND AND FLESH. My work has appeared in my own fanzines and numerous others, among which are NOME, INTERPHASE, SUN AND SHADOW, GALACTIC DISCOURSE, THE CAPTAIN'S WOMAN, THRUST, OUT OF BOUNDS, T'HY'LA, NAKED TIMES, COMPANION, CHEAP THRILLS, DUET, R & R, and THE OBSC'ZINE, among others. .. I live with a marvelous husband and two cats .... I have degrees in Art and Creative Writing. I love film, literature, Fantasy and Mysteries, Astrology and Tarot, costumes, gourmet cooking, and gardening. And cats."

In Her Own Words: 2013

Gayle F: How did I get into fandom, as fandom, as opposed to being a fan of Star Trek. I saw the first—maybe a year and a half of Star Trek when it first came out and I was a fan, but then I didn't have a television for a long time. And in the '70s, the ladies upstairs had a TV and were watching Star Trek, and I went up and watched all these re-runs of things I had never seen, and I fell in love with Spock all over again. And at the same I found a book called Star Trek Lives, and discovered there was such a thing as fandom, and wrote to Jacqueline Lichtenberg. And she gave me addresses, and I wrote to those people. And I started writing stories. I think I was writing stories before I wrote to the people, because I was in love with Spock! But—... Seventies sometime. Seventy-four or –five. 'Cause I went to a convention in '76. [4]

Notable Stories

Cosmic Fuck Series, a series of formative early Kirk/Spock stories:

Gayle also published two K/S novellas, illustrating them with all her own artwork:

She also published The Price and the Prize an anthology of K/S stories.

Notable Vids

Data's Dream, aka Flight Dreams, (to the song Orinoco Flow) -- absolutely exquisite multimedia vid of SF and F shows, framed by Data. Originally created on vcrs, but remastered in the early 2000s on computer. Most of the source wasn't strictly media fannish, but of course, there's enormous overlap between media fandom and SF&F fandom. Many fans have said this is the most beautiful vid they've ever seen. A streaming version can be viewed by contacting Morgan Dawn here.

Gayle also collaborated with other vidders: most often Tashery S. as part of the Shadow Songs vidding collective. But also:


Gayle F has given blanket permission for her art to be used on Fanlore. (See the talk page before making changes to image size.)

Sexually Explicit Art


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