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Name: GateFic Awards (also known as the Stargate SG1 Fan Fiction Awards)
Date(s): 2010-
Format: annual
Associated Community:
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate Universe
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The GateFic Awards are a fan-run awards site honoring fan fiction authors, artists and vidders for their contributions to the Stargate community. In the first year, awards were offered only to Stargate SG1 works, but in 2011 the awards were opened to all shows in the Stargate universe.


Award categories are defined as follows

  • Action/Adventure - an emphasis on exploration, discovery, and/or combat
  • Alternate Reality - "through the quantum mirror"; incorporates events or circumstances which purposefully lie outside established canon
  • Alternate Universe - "past lives" and "fusion fics"; places the characters into a setting which is drastically altered from the canon universe
  • Angst - emotional turmoil
  • Badfic/Crack!fic - deliberate mischaracterization or use of trite and/or logically-flawed plot elements
  • Challenge - response to an issued challenge from a list, group, or individual
  • Crossover (GateVerse) - a blend of two or more series within the Stargate universe
  • Crossover (Other) - the blend of one or more fandoms with one or more series within the Stargate universe
  • Dark - violent, depressing, or pessimistic depictions of characters and/or situations
  • Drabble - framed to a set number of words, such as 100 (drabble), 200 (double drabble), etc.
  • Drama - emotional variance and strife (often caused by a conflict between two main or recurring characters)
  • Episode-Related - directly tied to the plot or outcome of an episode, such as a missing scene or episode tag
  • Fluff - plotless smarm, usually involving one or more established romantic relationships; characteristic of curtain!fic (domestic stories) and baby!fic
  • Friendship - an emphasis on the platonic relationship between two or more characters
  • Holiday - set on or near a holiday such as Valentine's Day, Halloween, or Christmas, in which the holiday has a direct influence on the events of the story
  • Humor - an emphasis on comedic elements
  • Hurt/Comfort - physical or emotional wounding AND the start or completion of the emotional recovery in the aftermath
  • Kidfic - one or more canonical characters has been physically regressed to a child
  • Mystery - an emphasis on intrigue or deception
  • Parody - a deliberate satire of a fandom or other element which is not a part of the Stargate universe
  • Poem/Filk - original poetry or lyrics
  • Pre-Ship - depiction of a platonic relationship between a male and female, with leanings toward the development of a romantic relationship
  • Pre-Slash - depiction of a platonic relationship between two males or two females, with leanings toward the development of a romantic relationship
  • PWP - "plot, what plot?"; a story which is little more than a set up for a quick resolution, such as a joke or a sexual encounter
  • Romance - relationships in which two or more characters are in love with one another
  • Smarm - exaggerated comfort or friendship
  • Smut - an explicit depiction of a sexual encounter
  • Songfic - stories in which lyrics serve as a framework for presenting segments of related fiction
  • Team - an emphasis on the platonic relationships of three or more main characters
  • UST - Unresolved Sexual Tension, a one-sided or uninitiated relationship which is not intended to lean toward a romantic relationship
  • Vignette - focus on a single character's mindset, thoughts, or personality

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