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Title: Fuyuuhi (浮遊悲)
Circle: E.E.Magic
Doujinka: Yuya Kirimi (きりみゆうや)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 16 August 2003[1]
Type: manga
Size: B5, 26 pages
Language: Japanese
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Fuyuuhi (浮遊悲, "Floating Sadness"; sometimes also romanized as Fuyuu Hi or Uazokana[2]) is a Harry Potter doujinshi by E.E.Magic. It contains Harry/Draco and is rated adult-only.


  • "[Romance/Humor] story of HarryxDraco / Draco can't runaway anymore. The obsessive Harry capture him and... (I know you can guess.) / High Recommend for HarryxDraco." -- Wanderer Owl[2]
  • "Nice textured cover. Semi-graphic H/D smex." -- izzerwurst[3]



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