Futatsu no Watashi

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Title: Futatsu no Watashi (二つの私)
Circle: Kurosusutou (黒煤党)
Doujinka: Mako Futoshi (真己ふとし Futoshi Mako)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: August - October 2003
Type: manga
Size: B5
Language: Japanese
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Futatsu no Watashi (二つの私)[1] is a series of Harry Potter doujinshi by Kurosusutou. It consists of two books that form a continuous story. Both books feature the Harry x Draco pairing.

Futatsu no Watashi: First Part

Futatsu no Watashi: Zempen (二つの私 前編, "First Part" or "First Volume") was published on August 16, 2003 and contains 38 pages.[2] It is sometimes given an R rating for violence but is not sexually explicit.[3][4]

One fan writes: "Particularly lovely doujin in which Draco is being sold at auction as a sex slave and is purchased by Harry, who is disgusted by such cheapening of human life. Harry takes care of Draco and goes on to discover a number of ways in which the two of them are similar, eventually falling in love with him. First in a 2 part series, the 2nd of which is NC-17. I was planning to scanlate both, but unfortunately my Japanese skills are not equal to the task."[4]

Futatsu no Watashi: Latter Part

Futatsu no Watashi: Kouhen (二つの私 後編, "Latter Part" or "Sequel") was published on October 12, 2003 and contains 28 pages. It is a continuation of the first Futatsu no Watashi and is rated NC-17 for explicit sex. One collector summarizes: "This one has some graphic sex scenes, some Dursley flashbacks, and 12 pages of the awesomeness that is a doujin by Futoshi Mako."[5]


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