Furiosa Test

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Named after Furiosa, a character (and arguably the main character) of 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road, the Furiosa Test is a simple standard for to judge a piece of media's feminist qualities. It passes if:

  • It causes misogynists to boycott it



The Furiosa Test was proposed by Twitter user Sean M. Puckett in June 2015: "Proposed: the Furiosa test. Your movie/game/book/play passes if it incites men's rights dipshits to boycott."[1]

As roachpatrol explained: "It was formally named during the kerfluffle around Mad Max: Fury Road. If Men’s Rights Activists declare the movie to be feminist propaganda and demand a boycott (excuse me, a mancott), the movie has passed the Furiosa Test."[2]


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