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Pairing: Furiosa/Max Rockatansky
Alternative name(s): Max/Furiosa, Rockafury, Maxiosa
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common
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Furiosa/Max is the het pairing of Furiosa, a high-ranking member in the army/cult of Immortan Joe, and Max Rockatansky, a road warrior and eponymous hero of the Mad Max series.

Relationship in canon

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In their first scene together, Max and Furiosa fight in a desperate battle against one another for control of the War Rig, the massive truck that Furiosa had been driving across the wasteland. Although Max wins this fight, when the rig stalls, he's forced to admit defeat and allow Furiosa and her wards, young women who she has freed from their rapist captor, back into the vehicle. As their journey progresses, they rely heavily on each others skills, developing a close relationship.

And suddenly, these two lonely people find themselves beside someone who can have their back. It’s dizzying to suddenly find someone who is just as strong as you are, and just as broken. Someone strong enough to protect themselves, and also sometimes you. Which means you are allowed to be vulnerable once in a while. Someone who knows what gun you need and can hand it to you, loaded, before you ask. Someone who doesn’t flinch when you wake up from a nightmare, who doesn’t ask you to explain, just knows to remind you you’re safe. Someone who can watch over you. An equal. A partner.[1]

Depictions in fanon

This is probably the most popular ship in the fandom. As of December 2019, there are 672 stories under the Furiosa/Max tag on AO3.[2]

Popular Tropes

  • Angst and hurt/comfort
  • Max stays/Max returns: Since Fury Road ends with Max's departure, some fix-it fics find ways to make him stick around the Citadel and develop his relationship with Furiosa.
  • Power dynamics: Various tropes involving power dynamics are fairly common (e.g. D/s, A/B/O), most of which involve dominant Furiosa and submissive Max (alternatively alpha Furiosa and omega Max). Sometimes the dynamics are reversed.
  • Dad Max
  • Enemies to Lovers[3]


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  • Orbit by Primarybufferpanel (ArwenLune) has the most kudos (2866 as of January 2018) of all the Furiosa/Max stories on AO3.
  • The Length and Breadth of Fury Road by proprioception (sacrificethemtothesquid) - This post-canon story is the longest Furiosa/Max fic on AO3 and is also incredibly popular. It is more than 250,000 words long.
  • two creams, one sugar by underwater_ow is a series of Furiosa/Max (with Capable/Nux) stories set in a coffee shop AU.



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