From the Depths of His Heart

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Title: From the Depths of His Heart
Author(s): Sineala
Date(s): 30 March 2012
Length: 31,308 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The Eagle
External Links: From the Depths of His Heart (AO3)

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From the Depths of His Heart is a Marcus/Esca story by Sineala.

Summary: After his injury at Isca Dumnoniorum and subsequent discharge from the army, Marcus moves to Calleva, learns to live with himself again, and happens to fall in love with a young British man on the way. Also, Esca is a werewolf.

Author's notes: "About the time this fandom started there was a werewolf prompt[1] on the kink meme and I thought, "Oh, fun, I can write a Roman werewolf story." This... is not really that story. It is probably not the werewolf story you were expecting to read. I can only say that this is not the werewolf story I was expecting to write, either."

Recs and Reviews

Long and satisfying. I love how slowly and tentatively their friendship develops, how Marcus is never fully free of fear and yet can’t help feeling intrigued…the werewolf lore is worked convincingly into the canon material, with Romans and Britons taking completely different stances on the phenomenon. Written in the same 'verse (and featuring the same, wonderfully mischievous Esca): Den Is Where The Heart Is by Carmarthen[2]


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