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For the anime, see Free!. For the Silververse HP story, see Tissue of Silver

Title: Free
Creator: fictionbya (aka Adastra)
Date: June 2006
Format: WMV
Length: 5:06 minutes
Music: "Blue" by The Seatbelts
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: vid announcement; download link
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Free is a Doctor Who fanvid by fictionbya. It was reviewed by giandujakiss on Feb 27, 2007 at the reel.


  • "A lyrical, powerful vid that effectively conveys a sense of grandeur of Nine’s story arc, but that suffers from some problems in pacing...Despite its flaws, this is a lovely, unique, and complex take on Nine."[1]
  • "Wow, I loved this. It was very touching and the music was great. Some very, very appropriate reaction clips chosen."[2]
  • .. I started crying about two minutes in. It was just full of so much emotion and it just went very, very well with the song. I loved the with the hand holding at 0:42, and then the clip after that, and then the hand holding at a 1:09, and the bit with the Dalek at around 1:30, and him smiling at 1:41...I really loved the last scene. 'I'm ascending'. Very, very well done."[3]


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