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Name: Fran Booth
Also Known As:
Occupation: club president, con organizer
Medium: fiction
Works: Star Trek
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Fran Booth is a convention organizer and served as the President (Fleet Admiral) of Starfleet, a Star Trek role-playing organization. The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes Starfleet as the world's largest science fiction fan club.

Con Organizer

She co-organized two conventions in San Antonio, Texas with Tony Wynn and Judith Ward, held in 1983 and 1984.


Booth headed a local chapter of Starfleet in San Antonio, Texas. Upon the resignation of the Fleet Admiral, Eric A. Stillwell, she won election on March 27, 1984 to the top position and took control of the entire world-wide organization. She served for two years and worked to reinvigorate the group during her tenure.[1]

A fan noted Booth's work in a letter to Interstat Issue 94:

In the three years I've been in Starfleet, I've seen the effects of both Eric Stillwell's leadership and Fran Booth's. While my experience in Eric's club was less than satisfactory, I must admit it was compounded by difficulties at the local chapter level as well. But since Fran Booth became president, the club has completely turned around. Fran put forth her goals when she took office and accomplished every one of them by the end of 1984. In my opinion, from where I sit, she worked a miracle with a club that was almost falling apart, plagued with infighting, financial difficulty and breakdown in communications.[2]


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