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In Forever Knight fandom, the term fraction faction is applied to factions that have split off from earlier affiliations, usually considering themselves to be different factions.

In the heyday of the fandom, fractions spun off from a number of well-established factions, when there were a sufficiency of fans who felt their personal focus differed somewhat from that of the majority of members of the main group. Thus the Dark Knighties, who feel it would be better if Nick accepted his vampirism, split from the Knighties, most of whom prefer that he search for a cure. Similarly, Light Cousins recognize a better side to LaCroix, while the parent Cousins faction delight in his perversity and wickedness.

The term "fraction faction" is also sometimes applied to subgroups within a faction, usually originally formed for special activities within Forever Knight Wars.

In the case of one fraction, the Dark Perks, the spin-off eventually became more popular than the original.

At one time, many fractions were large enough to take separate part in Forever Knight Wars. However, starting with War Twelve, it became increasingly necessary for fractions to recombine with their parent factions to achieve a quorum.

List of Fraction Factions

The following are usually considered to be fraction factions:

The following groups and subgroups are also sometimes considered to be fraction factions: