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Name: Forever Fandom
Date(s): 2003 - 2013
Archivist: Fallen Angel
Founder: Fallen Angel
Type: fanfiction archive
Fandom: multifandom

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Forever Fandom was a multifandom fanfiction archive, built using the eFiction archive script, that allows all ratings. The front page describes the site's mission:

"Welcome to Forever Fandom, an archive for authors and readers alike, run by authors and avid readers. We're offering this archive as an alternative to others around to allow *all* authors the freedom to express themselves in whatever ways they please."[1]

As of September 2016, the site is, according to the owner Fallen Angel, temporarily down due to security holes in the code.[2] However, since this has been ongoing since May 2013 it seems unlikely that the site ever come back online.[1]

Before the site went down, Forever Fandom boasted close to 70,000 members, of which about 2,000 were authors and 5,000 were reviewers.[1]

Fandoms Represented

Forever Fandom Main Categories by size.

While the site welcomed all fandoms, the main fandom represented was Harry Potter, with 5,004 fics,[3] compared to 7,472 fics total.[1] There were 116 fandom categories; however, some of these had no fics to their name.[4] Additionally, there were 221 Crossover fics, not all of whom had any additional fandom tags.[5] Although RPF was not explicitly forbidden, there was no category for RPF fics.[4] After Harry Potter, the most popular fandoms were Buffy and Angel (658 fics),[6] Gundam Wing (208 fics), and Inu Yasha (148 fics).[7]

Site Structure

Like FFnet and unlike AO3 and Livejournal clones, public story feedback was called reviews rather than comments.

Fics on Forever Fandom were divided into 7 main categories: Movies, Books, Comics and Cartoons, Crossovers, TV, Video Games, and finally Anime and Manga. Each of these categories (except for Crossovers) were divided into fandom-specific categories. Anime and Manga had the most sub-categories (49 fandoms),[7] while Comics and Cartoons had the least (6 fandoms).[8]

As with many other archives that made use of the eFiction script, Forever Fandom had a Top Tens page, that included things such as longest and shortest story, most favorite, most reviewed, and most read story, and most prolific author and reviewer as well as a few other categories.[9]

Forever Fandom Forum Banner

Forever Fandom also had its own forums,[10] though those went down regularly even when the site was still active.[11] In January 2010, the forums had 8601 members, with 1795 posts in 609 topics. The most popular categories were the Beta Reader search and the request for new Fandom Categories.[10]

Headers on Forever Fandom

Example of what a fic header looked like on Forever Fandom. (Fic: Magnetic Attraction by frizzy.)

The headers on Forever Fandom were fairly standard for a multifandom archive, including title, author, fandom, rating, and summary, as well as chapter and word count and published and updated dates. Authors could embed images into the summary, allowing for banner images to be used. Additionally, authors could tag characters (this field often also included pairings[12]), genres, and warnings. They could also add their fic to series and challenges. Fics were displayed with a rating out of five stars and the number of public reviews to allow readers to filter fics by popularity.

Tags could be chosen from a list of pre-existing tags. Additionally, the warning tags were defined on the archive Help Page. Warning tags included a number of categories such as pairing type (e.g. Yaoi / Slash, Hetro), genre (e.g. AU, Angst), sexual content (e.g. Lemon, Citrus), tags equivalent to AO3's Warning Tags (e.g. Death, Rape), and things disliked by a large subsection of fandom (e.g. OOC, Original Character(s), Male Pregnancy).[13]


At the time, the most reviewed story was Double Edged Sword, a Harry/Draco fic by romaine, with 1,126 reviews.[14] This was also the longest fic on the site, with 560,577 words.[15]

The most favorite story was Magnetic Attraction, a Harry/Draco fic by frizzy.[16]

The most read story was The Best Defense, a Harry Potter x Yu Yu Hakusho crossover by JoIsBishMyoga,[17] which has since also been podficced by Opalsong.[18]

Perhaps inevitably, there were a number of fics on the site with only one word, presumably so the author would get onto the Top 10 Shortest Stories list.[19]


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