Foot In The Grave, Foot On The Pedal

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Title: Foot In The Grave, Foot On The Pedal
Author(s): wickedtruth
Date(s): 01 May 2011
Length: 22,387 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Foot In The Grave, Foot On The Pedal (AO3)

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Foot In The Grave, Foot On The Pedal is a Steve/Danny story by wickedtruth.

Summary: A serial killer arrives in Hawaii, leaving a trail of bodies and stirring up some old ghosts. Is it just coincidence that the killer has chosen the islands to resurrect his bloody career, or is he hunting someone in particular? When one of the team is taken, the case becomes a race to find them before the killer can claim another victim.

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: This fic is told from Steve’s point of view and provides an interesting insight into the way he views his team and his partner. The case motivates changes in his relationship with Danny in all the best ways. We particularly liked that the author shows Steve being freaked out and vulnerable without diminishing his character in the least. It takes a deft touch to balance the emotions with the action-hero facade and she did a lovely job of it.[1]
A wonderful fic to start out with, Wickedtruth brings to us so many points that I love in this fandom. She brings together action elements with the h/c and Steve and Danno's relationship to create a story worth spending an hour with. We also get to see a bit into Danny's past in New Jersey with a case that followed him to Paradise. With raw emotions as Steve and Danny find each other and wonderful support from Chin and Kono, this fic will leave you smiling and jonsing for more H50 love.[2]


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