Fools Banquet Awards

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Name: Fools Banquet Awards
Date(s): 2007
Frequency: once
Format: popular vote
Type: fanfic
Associated Community:
Fandom: Hanson
URL: Dec 2007 via wayback
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Screenshot of the website as it appeared in Dec 2007

The Fools Banquet Awards were awards for Hanson fanfic. They were moderated by Becca, Brittney and Nat, and ran for one round in 2007. The awards took their name from Hanson's annual songwriting retreat, and each awards was based on one of the song titles from the 2007 retreat.[1]


A Part Of Me (Holding Onto You)

Best Story Overall

Bad Solution

Best Plot Twist

Beautiful Girl (It's Alive)

Best Leading Lady

Book Down In The Basement

Best Finished Story

Devils Nachos

Best Line / Quote

  • Winner: “Well, the fact that you’re not wearing some fucking shirt that you wrote on or suspenders or something is a miracle in itself. You clean up just like a shiny penny,” Tre teased, pinching his cheek hard. / Chapter 9 / Revelations
  • Runner-up: “It was dirty. It smelled like a toilet block for cows. He was sure if he even inched his pants down, his balls would turn blue from the cold and fall off. And oh boy was he turned on.” / Chapter Two / Fallen Stars

Either Side

Best Collaboration

Even When You're Gone

Best Ending Scene

I Can't Wait

Best Unfinished Story

It Just Ain't Cool

Oh No, He / She Didn't Moment

My Favorite Shoes

Best Hanson Brother

People Want To Be Us

Best Couple

Silent Ride

Best Short Story

Take My Time

Best Opening Scene

The Hardest Thing

Best Break-Up

The Space Between

Best Hook-Up

You're Enough

Best Author Overall

One More Day

Best Sequel


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