Flowers & Machinery

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Title: Flowers & Machinery
Editor(s): Lena, Birdie
Date(s): February 2020
Medium: Ezine
Size: 50+ pages
Fandom: Hadestown
Language: English
External Links: tumblr, twitter download link, Google Drive download link
Cover of the Flowers & Machinery zine by Karyn Lee
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Flowers & Machinery is a 50+ page free to download Hadestown ezine. The tagline is 'a zine for the way things could be'. It has various types of fanworks e.g. fic, art, meta, poetry etc. The zine also includes digital merchs such as icons, banner, wallpaper, stickers, bookmark etc. It features 27 artists, 5 writers and 5 merch artists.

Contributors and Contents


  • Lena [1]- Organizer
  • Birdie [2]- Graphics mod

Cover Artist


  • How Hadestown Elevates Persephone Beyond Her Mythological Role by Kay Frag
  • Walls by Kay Frag
  • Epilouge by Natalie Lim
  • Song of Hope by Meepzer
  • The Poor Boy on the Road by Rebecca Olen
  • Fix by thesaint-jimmy


  • Eurydice as a worker art by Tayler
  • The Fates art by Tessa
  • Orpheus and Hades art based on Epic III by leylses
  • there was a young man down on a bended knee, an Orpheus/Eurydice art by Melanie Gan
  • Hades/Persephone art featuring Orpheus/Eurydice based on Wait For Me (Reprise) by Maya Parker
  • Eurydice with carnations art by Camille Butera
  • Hades/Persephone art by misha
  • Hades/Persephone and Orpheus/Eurydice art by S. T. Huntress
  • Persephone art by Maru
  • Orpheus/Eurydice art featuring the workers based on Wait For Me (Reprise) by Laura
  • Orpheus/Eurydice hugging art by Sana
  • Orpheus and Hermes by Anna Evelyn
  • Hades/Persephone art by Pizza24601
  • The workers art based on Is It True by by Shelby P.
  • Orpheus and the Fates art by lee
  • Orpheus and the workers art based on Papers by Ren Lee
  • Persephone art by Paula León
  • Hades/Persephone with flowers art by Mandi Carr
  • why is it so bright down here, a Persephone art by Dee
  • Orpheus/Eurydice and Hades/Persephone art featuring the fates by Casu
  • Hades/Persephone dancing art by Karyn Lee
  • Hadestown art by Sophia Slezak
  • Persephone by XYLO
  • Orpheus/Eurydice art by piadoesart
  • Hades/Persephone in her mother's garden art by Osa
  • Way Down Hadestown featuring Eurydice, the Fates, and the workers by orphetoon
  • Eurydice with the Fates, and Hades/Persephone art by Orangesabor


  • Orpheus and Eurydice matching icons and banner by Maxine
  • Stickersheet of Orpheus, Eurydice, Hermes, Hades, and Persephone by J
  • Orpheus and Eurydice matching icons by Princessponies
  • Orpheus and Eurydice phone wallpaper by Estelle Z
  • Persephone printable, bookmark, and iphone background by Grace Martin