Fleurette's Home for Forever Knight

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Name: Fleurette's Home for Forever Knight
Dates: 1997 - ?1999
Type: tribute site, personal archive
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: Wayback Machine (archived)
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[1]Fleurette's Home for Forever Knight was Fleurette's Forever Knight tribute site. It also archived her fan fiction and poetry.

The website was located at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Rampart/1958/. Dates on the site suggest that it was originally created in 1997, and continued to be updated through 1999. It was recorded by the Internet Archive on 21 February 1999.

Only some of the pages have been preserved (Wayback Machine); and these are in a highly imperfect form. One piece of fan fiction was saved, and no graphics except for the Nunkies Scouts banner. Fortunately, most (though not all) of Fleurette's stories and poems are to be found in the main archive at www.fkfanfic.com.

Site Contents

Fan Fiction & Poetry

The following stories and poems used to be archived on the site.

  • The Fleurette Series"
    • "The Hunted"
    • "The Healing Process"
    • "Explanations"
    • "Selective Memories "
    • "Moving On"
    • "Reunion"
    • "Decisions"
    • "Wedding Day" -- Parts 1 to 16 (WIP)
  • The Natasha Series
    • "Natasha"
    • "Proposal"
    • "Blame"


Shorter Stories:

  • "Buckskin"
  • "Nick's Worst Nightmare"
  • "True Innocence"
  • "Father's Day Cards"
  • "Girl Stuff"
  • "Too Good to be True"
  • "It was a Dark and Stormy Rat..."
  • "After-Thoughts"
  • "Love Conquers All"
  • "LaCroix's Doubts"
  • "Remembering Christmas"


  • "Little Nick and His Lost Humanity"
  • "My Knight" Two Versions


  1. The information in this article has been largely copied from the article "Fleurette's Home for Forever Knight" on the Forever Knight Wiki.