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Name: Fezzik
Occupation: Strength for hire
Relationships: Inigo; Vizzini (employer)
Fandom: The Princess Bride
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Fezzik is a character in The Princess Bride.

Short Canon Overview

Fezzik is a giant hired by Vizzini to aid in the kidnapping of Buttercup so that Vizzini can help Prince Humperdinck start a war with the neighboring kingdom of Guilder. Vizzini finds Fezzik unemployed and living in Greenland and hires him because of his extreme strength and size. Fezzik becomes close friends with Inigo Montoya, the other man working for Vizzini, and together they annoy their boss by playing a rhyming game. Fezzik later helps Inigo in his search for the six-fingered man.

He was played by pro wrestler Andre the Giant in the movie.


Fezzik is sometimes paired with Inigo.

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