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Synonyms: femfan, fanne, fangirl
See also: fanboy
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A femmefan is a female fan. The term is from early science fiction fandom, when female fans were rare (though maybe not as rare as people thought). "Femmefan" turns up in the pages of early media fanzines, but appears to have fallen out of use.

Examples of Use


Sex is a recurrent theme of life. The recurrence of the theme of sex involving Spock is also unsurprising. We STAR TREK femmefans find him attractive and highly masculine. Some of us are articulate, and the result is predictable (and even logical.) [1]


I agree... that the advent of femmefans and a femzine in Australia is refreshing, though indicative of the times. Femmes have never played an important part in Aussie Fandom... [2]


Back when No was still Nous, Len Bailes did most of a parody of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Gondoliers." It always seemed a pity to me that he didn't get around to finishing it. So, with apologies to Len, here it is. This filk has a cast of "fannish publishers, fakefans, femmefans, a BNF, the BNF's wife, the BNF's daughter, a Secret Master of Fandom -- the previous TAFF winner, and a chorus of Femmes and Fakefans." [3]


"The girls" [in Blake's 7 fanfiction] are snuffed out in the first two paragraphs. I understand that authors don't always like to plot for five characters, but couldn't Dayna and Soolin be disposed with a little dignity? Sometimes it seems that femmefans have no respect for any character of their own gender. [4]


That first convention experience was in 1975, a quarter of a century ago; and it was the start of the best thing that ever happened to me. I have loved and married within the tribe, and we (Cicatrice and I, with the help of the rest of fandom) are now raising a wonderful femmefan who knows who her people are. [5]


It seems to me that there were fewer X-rated pictures in the art show this year—not none, but less. At the auction, Paula Smith, the auctioneer, called for applause for people’s faves and demonstrated that more femmefans are interested in cats than in any given hot guy. [6]


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