Fate's Final Act

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You may be looking for the Simon and Simon novel Fate's Final Irony.

Title: Fate's Final Act
Publisher: KnightWriter Press
Author(s): Linda Knights
Cover Artist(s):
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Fate's Final Act is a 53-page gen Blake's 7 novel by Linda Knights. It was previously published in Southern Seven #5. Summary: "Avon is given a glimpse of the future including the report of Blake's death at Terminal. When returned to his own time, he first believes it all to be a dream, but as events start to match he dream, he is desperately driven to try and prevent Blake from going to Star One." [1]


This zine is part of a series of mini-zines, each with a story that has been published previously in another zine. Each mini-zine has a full-color photo cover.


He burned with the fire of a dozen concentrated suns. As he had burned for... as he had burned for just short of forever. Far over him, in the nether regions of a space that neither involved nor interested him, voices sounded.


+There is no medically discernible change +

"His fever has been 104 degrees for over an hour, Blake. Much longer and there could well be brain damage."

"I'm aware of that, Cally. What do you purpose? The medical computer can tell us nothing. Orac can tell us nothing. I'm open to suggestions."

Avon had long since ceased to struggle against the paresis that gripped his body and mind. He floated uncomfortably in a sea of molten lava, burning, eternally burning. He listened apathetically to the voices pronouncing judgment and prognosis.

"Orac, anything?"

+The infection parasite is most definitely viral +

"Then why aren't any of the rest of us affected?"

"Shouldn't we just be thankful we weren't?"

"Vila, hush!"

+ The pathogen is body-type specific. It took an extremely specialized, and thus self-limiting, set of circumstances - both physically and historically - to make anyone susceptible to the illness +


+ The disease will affect only adult males who have spent the primary portion of their formative years on Earth or closeted within Earth-specific cultures. Moreover, the males affected can have never been afflicted with any of the beta-deviant diseases that harmlessly infect most children in those cultuers. +


+ Without more information on the pathogen, a prognosis is difficult to determine to any high degree of probability +

"Well guess then!"

+ If the anti-serum is not found and distilled within five hours there is a seventy percent chance Kerr Avon will die +


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