Fanon Fridays

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Journal Community
Name: Fanon Fridays
Date(s): September 2009 - ??
Moderator: legendarytobes, lilbreck
Type: fanworks
Fandom: Smallville, Smallville crossovers

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Fanon Fridays was a LiveJournal community that "was created to house fan works (fiction/art/vids etc...) that relate to non-canon pairings and/or storylines for Smallville and for Smallville Crossovers (SPN/Batman/BtVS etc...). This community has decided to willfully ignore the poor fanfiction of Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders also known as "Smallville Season Nine." Things found here are AU or old school fic and probably won't follow season nine continuity in any way."

The community has since been purged from LiveJournal.


  • Monday: Rec posts
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Pimping
  • Friday: Post your own fanworks
  • Saturday & Sunday: Pimping