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Synonyms: Film Fics, Parodies (not to be confused with the other kind of Parody)
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See Also: Songfic
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A fanmake is a type of fanfiction that takes a popular film or other original work (e.g. Beauty and the Beast) and replaces its characters with characters from another source, otherwise leaving the original work largely unchanged. They are often criticized as copyright infringement, since they usually imitate the source exactly word for word. It is often common for fanmakes to have characters break into musical numbers, another thing disallowed by the Terms of Service of most archives, including FanFiction.Net.

Due to the prevalence of copyright-infringing fanmakes on, The Anti-Plagiarism Investigation Reports, a group dedicated to eradicating plagiarism on, began reporting such fanfics to administrators who would delete them. As a result, fanmakes became more scarce on for a time, especially in the wake of The Fanmake Purge of 2013, though they have recently been reappearing more frequently. In contrast, DeviantArt has become a safe haven for fanmakes due to their lax rules and minimal enforcement.

Some fanmakes, however, avoid direct plagiarism and avert or even parody the negative connotations of the genre by doing unique spins on the classic tales they tell. These examples include changing up a character's role in the original source to fit with the personality of their fanmake's replacement, altering scenes to either have them occur differently or even omit them entirely, and even changing the ending. These kinds of fanmakes are more common on

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