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Empire workoutbyBeauregard Lionnett and Caleb Widowgast

Critical Role is an actual-play web series primarily streamed on, with episodes posted on YouTube and formerly on the official Geek & Sundry website, as well as posted as podcasts. As of June 2018 Critical Role is an independent studio that streams on its own Twitch channel and Youtube channel. New episodes also appear on its own website as of episode 52 of campaign 2. It stars a "bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons" with Matthew Mercer acting as the DM.

The first campaign of Critical Role tells a story of Vox Machina, a group of adventurers who travel the world of Tal'Dorei and fight powerful opponents. From vampires to ancient chromatic dragons to God-like villains. Campaign 1 takes place over 114 episodes, which amount to 373 hours of game play.

The second campaign tells the tale of The Mighty Nein, a group of miscreant adventurers who travel making money, fixing problems, and not getting arrested (usually), at least until they get pulled into the middle of a war between two large nations.