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Date Started: 16 July 2012
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Fandoms Grab Your Weapons is a meme that, according to tumblr user memearchives originated with this post. The post involves a comically overlong chain of users from various fandoms humorously rallying against a facebook user criticizing tumblr. The post references many Fandom Nicknames, including quite a few obscure ones.

The original post (minus reblogs):

potterheads, grab your wands

whovians, hop in your TARDISes

supernatural fans, get the shotguns

sherlockians, hire your consulting criminals

tributes, knock an arrow

avengers fans, assemble

lotr fans, unsheath Sting

we’ve got a few people to track down[1]

Many more fandoms were added in reblogs, though the screenshot cuts off usernames and makes them difficult to source.

(A Supernatural gif. Details are too blurry to identify.)

Les Mis fans, build a barricade? Yes?

Gleeks, grab your slushies

Rizzles fans, grab your guns and scalpels

Witches and Wizards, time to kick muggle ass

NCIS fans, grab your gear.

Castle fans, alakazam that jackass

The Last Airbender fans master your bending

Assassin's Creed fans, ready your hidden blades.

Falling In Reverse fans, get Charlie.

Meme variations of the of the post can be found at the X fandom grab your Y tag on memearchives.

The post was later rediscovered in 2015[2] and spread around as a screencap by users agreeing it to be the "worst post" on the site. Today, "Fandoms Grab Your Weapons" is looked back upon as the apotheosis of the apparently cringe-worthy nature of fandom culture from that era of tumblr.


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