FanLib is not a fanfiction archive? Huh?

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Title: FanLib is not a fanfiction archive? Huh?
Creator: stewardess
Date(s): April 10, 2008
Medium: online
Topic: FanLib, OTW
External Links: here, Archived version
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FanLib is not a fanfiction archive? Huh? is a post by stewardess at the livejournal community life_wo_fanlib. It comments on FanLib: One Year Later, posted by Laura Hale to Fanthropology a few weeks earlier.

Some topics discussed: FanLib, Fandom and Profit, OTW, Laura Hale, and Fan History Wiki.


FanLib does not think of itself as a fanfiction archive.

Then what is FanLib? A naked advertising agency wearing a fanfiction archive suit? Yes.

According to partly_bouncy's recent summary of FanLib at fanthropology, the two branches of FanLib -- the fanfiction archive and the writing contest marketing campaigns -- are one big amorphous blob.

FanLib is being ignored because it bombed as a fanfiction archive. Its investors may be pleased with it as a mechanism for direct mail marketing, but to fandom as a whole FanLib was a tiny blip that quickly faded. We will never know if the fanfiction archive was shuffled under the marketing campaign umbrella because that was FanLib's plan from the get-go, or because of its dismal growth. We do know the intellectual property holders who fund the FanLib "contests" are funding the fanfiction archive, too. No one is surprised. Or even excited.