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C. S. Pacat (writer)
Johanna the Mad (illustrator)


Sarah Rees Brennan (writer)
Date(s): November 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020 (comics)
September 28, 2020 – May 18, 2021(audiobook and novels)
Medium: Comics/Graphic Novel, Novel, Audiobook
Country of Origin: USA
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FENCE is a comic book series written by C. S. Pacat and drawn by Johanna the Mad, published by BOOM! Studios. Positive feedback resulted in the series being promoted from a limited series to an ongoing one. In August 2018, Boom! Studios announced that the series would change its format to original graphic novels, with the last comic issue being released in November.

Reportedly, Pacat was inspired to create Fence due to her experience with the sport and her interest in sports manga, like Haikyuu!!, Hikaru no Go, Check please and Yuri on Ice.

It was announced that Sarah Rees Brennan would be writing a series of young adult novels based on the comics, with the first coming in Fall 2020.[1]

The first volume titled Fence: Striking Distance was released as an audiobook in September 28, 2020, along with the paperback version in the next day. Later in May 18, 2021, the second title Fence: Disarmed was officially published.


Comic/Graphic Novel

The series focuses on Nicholas Cox, the illegitimate son of U.S. fencing Olympic champion Robert Coste, who aspires to become a fencing champion like his father. Despite being talented, he's roughly trained due to the hard conditions he grew up in. While at a competition, he's quickly beaten by the fencing prodigy Seiji Katayama and Nicholas vows to beat him. Managing to get into the elite boys school Kings Row on scholarship, Nicholas quickly finds out that Seiji is his roommate.

YA Novels

  • Fence: Striking Distance
After earning a place on the elite Kings Row fencing team, Nicholas must prove himself to his rival, Seiji Katayma, and navigate the clashes, friendships, and relationships between his teammates on the road to state championships. So when the Coach Williams decides to take advantage of the boys' morale after a recent victory and assigns them a course of team building exercises to further deepen their bonds, the team discovers little by little that they are stronger together than they could ever be apart.

  • Fence: Disarmed
The boys of Kings Row are off to a training camp in Europe! Surrounded impressive scenery and even more impressive European fencing teams, underdog Nicholas can't help but feel out of place. With the help of a local legend, though, he and the rest of the team finds it within themselves to face superior fencers, ex-boyfriends, expulsion, and even Nicholas's golden-boy, secret half-brother, the infamous Jesse Coste. Will Aiden and Harvard end up together, though? En garde!


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Nicholas Cox/Seiji Katayama is the main fandom pairing, is also canon in comics and possibly will continue to be so in YA Novel.

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