Epic Sitch Series

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Title: Epic Sitch Series
Author(s): MrDrP
Date(s): 2005-2008
Fandom: Kim Possible
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Epic Sitch Series is a Kim/Ron series of fiction by MrDrP.


So the romance, so the adventure. A grande sized season long saga! Heroes, villains, explosions, space stations, ninjas, love and more, more, more ... ! Post So The Drama.


Stories in chronological order are:

  • Epic Sitch: 1776 (1776, 1814)
  • Epic Sitch: The Spirit Dance Files (2004-2006)
  • Epic Sitch (2005-2006 - End of Junior Year of HS through the end of Senior Year of HS)
  • Epic Sitch: Big Monkey on Campus (2007-2008 - Freshman Year of College)
  • Epic Sitch: A Very Stoppable Holiday (2063)
  • Epic Sitch: Best Friends (2001, 2071-2079)

Reactions and Reviews

"This is an alternate season for Kim Possible and is just as charming and lovely as the series. Kim and Ron are very much Kim and Ron, and the wider universe is beautifully written and wonderfully explored."[1]


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