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Synonym(s)documentation!fic, ephemera, Wizarding Ephemera
Related tropes/genresEpistolary Fic
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Documentation (for fic also "documentation!fic") is a genre of fanart and fanfic, sometimes also fancrafts, that creates everyday documents and other ephemera of a fandom's universe, such as posters, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, etc. Some of these tell a story and therefore can also be classified as multimedia fanfic or epistolary fic. However, the point is often just to create or depict the imagined artifact, and the narrative element of the document lies in the reference to canon it evokes.

Documentation is especially popular in fandoms with science fiction or fantasy elements, such as Harry Potter, because the contrast between the mundane object and the fantastical universe it takes for granted. In Harry Potter this genre is sometimes labelled Wizarding Ephemera.


Harry Potter


  • Classified, a zine that consisted of a portfolio full of 435 separate documents -- letters, memos, cards, notes, and artwork -- numbered in a sequence that formed a story

Sherlock Holmes


  • Travelogue, contained within the fansite, Earth Prime, the Travelogue is a series of info pages provided by a mock travel company that detail the alternate versions of Earth featured in the show. The result is both fanwork and wiki-style canon information.

Stargate Atlantis

Star Trek: TOS