Ending One Minute at a Time

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Title: Ending One Minute at a Time
Author(s): gottalovev
Date(s): 18 July 2011
Length: 21,113 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Ending One Minute at a Time (AO3)

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Ending One Minute at a Time is a Steve/Danny story by gottalovev.

Summary: Steve and Danny have been kidnapped. To protect Danny and buy time in hope for a rescue, Steve will have to fight with all he's got. Whatever the cost.

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: This is a dark fic that punched us in the gut and made us want more. In it Steve and Danny get captured and have to fight in an underground ring for survival. The emotions here are stark, the pain is real, and sometimes it hurts to read but even in the darkness of this story Steve and Danny have each other. They help each other through everything as best they can, never once wavering in their devotion to one another. This story is harsh but it is beautifully told and well worth reading.[1]
This fic is sooo good. Very well written. and ooooh, the interactions between Steve and Danny. Their relationship development has such a flow and seems so natural, and the characterization is spot on. I mean, it was written in 2011 and the author wrote this waaaay before we new about Danny’s issues.
Danny squares his shoulders a bit, takes a big breath.
“Of course. We’re going to be fine. It’s just… I don’t like small spaces all that much. Not being able to move. It’s getting to me, I’ll admit that.”
It makes sense, with all the space Danny takes up with his personality and constant movement. Steve hums. “You must really hate your apartment, then,” he deadpans.
Awesome. Fic is awesome. Now shoo, go read it. You can thank me later.[2]
When I signed up to rec in this fandom, I knew that this was the first fic I wanted to share. When I first read it I spent a long time deciding how to best rec it, and I've drawn on that first rec for this one. This is isn't an easy story to read. It's dark and at times very harsh, but despite being emotionally stark and painful, the love between Danny and Steve shines through. The story is about Steve and Danny being captured and forced to fight in an underground ring for survival, but what makes this a must read is the way they help each other through the experience, never once wavering in their devotion to each other. This story is beautifully and powerfully told and I can't recommend it enough.[3]


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