Emotion Sickness

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Title: Emotion Sickness
Author(s): Rachael
Date(s): May 24, 2000-April 19, 2002
Length: 34 chapters
Genre: het romantic comedy
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: hansonfiction.com/blender/cujo and hanfic.weebly.com/emotion-sickness.html

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Emotion Sickness is a Hanson fanfic by Rachael. It was written from 2000 to 2002.

The story focuses on Taylor's growing relationship with an original female character named Blaire who works as a veterinarian. Their paths cross when Zac's very large great dane gets into an accident, and throughout the story said dog continues to serve as comic relief.

Reactions and Reviews

It’s always funny to see how these old stories envision the future for Hanson. Rachael’s vision of a Hanson who’ve faded a bit from the spotlight and started their own label is… well, pretty accurate. She also throws in a few interesting extras in the form of piercings for Zac, and a history of panic attacks for Taylor. Then there are his issues in love. Suddenly the title Emotion Sickness seems a better fit. As depressing as some of that sounds, the story really is a comedy, and it is absolutely comedy gold. Of course, it’s a romance too, and what would a romcom be without a happy ending? If I have any complaints at all, it’s that the story takes place over a pretty short time frame. I wouldn’t have minded reading even more Emotion Sickness![1]
I seem to be running out of original words to describe the stories I link here. To cut a long story short, you know they're all good. That's the point of the site, isn't it? Let's see...this story appears to be all perfect when Taylor meets Blaire, but it soon becomes slightly turbulent when he discovers something about her past. It's not as dramatic as it sounds, but his reaction is not completely unfounded. Confused? Go read![2]
This is a site with a few stories, but "Emotion Sickness" is one that would have to stand out.[3]
Blaire in Emotion Sickness is leaning towards the MS side, and that's one of my all-time favorite Hanfics.[4]


Emotion Sickness won awards from the Dreamer Awards, Gesundheit, The Golden Gnomes, the Hanfic Awards, Piper's First Fanfic Awards, the Various Artists Awards and the Waiting To Be Read Awards, and was nominated in the Hanspirational Fan Fiction Awards. It is featured in the PlaceToHide.net and Various Artists halls of fame.


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