Emme's Diary

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Title: Emme's Diary
Author(s): Dyane Kirkland
Date(s): 1976
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
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Emme's Diary is a Star Wars story by Dyane Kirkland. It has art by Caroline Carrock and Pam Kowalski.

It was printed in Skywalker #1, #2, and then in ThousandWorlds Collected.

Reactions and Reviews

In 'Emme's Diary,' Emme (Obiwan's niece) runs around the Millennium Falcon wearing nothing more than a G-string, a cloak, and some jewelry, and the others seem to react only aesthetically. Seems to me at least Han would be getting the hots... [1]
About "Emme's Diary":...I don't like the idea that Luke never wondered about his mother. That's unnatural. I agree that no one would have told him much about her. [2]
In "Emme's Diary": 1) Why did Vader reveal so many of his plans to Emme? I don't recall Va der being overly communicative with Tarkin, so I don't see why he should go on a gossip spree with a transient dancer.

2) It also seems odd that Emme would be having a cas ual chat with Vader in the first place. "Last Sanctuary" indicates that he knew her "way back when," she being a trainee as he was and frequently in the general vicinity if not completely underfoot. Wouldn't she fear recognition? And knowing her, wouldn't he just kill her out of hand as he did others? Or if he didn't know her, why did he then go chasing after her? Final ly, if I were Emme I don't think that I would give a performance in the cantina after jumping ship. True, it sounds like an ideal place to meet pilots, but it also takes time, and I would want to locate new trans portation with as much celerity as possible. (This is a minor point. The cantina dance might have been the only way after all.) 3) How did Emme know about Ben's post-death instruction to Luke? Did Luke and Emme have a heart-to-heart that we aren't told about?

These points are just minor irritations; I didn't pull out too much hair over them. On the whole, "Emme's Diary" is a delightful story. The characterizations are well done, with enough action to balance all the talking she must do. [3]
"Emme's Diary" was wonderful. (Somehow shimmercloth seemed like my mood ring.) I got slightly upset over Luke's getting upset when Emme killed the Imperial agents; after all, didn't that naive farmboy of ours blow up the Death Star? In doing so, didn't he murder the Imperials aboard? (No lectures on the fact that they were the bad guys and Luke was the hero.) [4]
"Emme's Diary" was also boring. I guess the authors of this universe want to write ahcut a different SW than I know. I also hate characters that show up the main characters, some super person. Emme was a poor substitute for Obi-wan.. [5]
Emme is an interesting character (she has been, all along), but I think she gets too emotional in this story and the conflict between her and Beth seems a bit overdone. I add my voice to the chorus asking why Emme is so insistent about Luke taking over the Jedi. She's older, more experienced, and trained in the Enclave — she's a much more logical person to do the job, as Luke says, why won't she take it? Does she feel too close to the old organization perhaps, too bound up with the problems that led to the earlier defeat? This could explain why she pushes Luke — he's new, untouched by old conflicts, rivalries, and perhaps corruptions and could start the Jedi over fresh and new. Just a speculation — any basis for it? I'd hate to think that Nowakowska and Kirkland are simply copping out on having a woman take such a position, after presenting basically strong, independent, women like Emme, Beth, and Naom (whose emotionality was a bit much, but she had potential for sure — she should have been Luke's mother instead of the ninny who was; I can't believe the elder Skywalker would have married someone so easily broken). Speaking of strong, independent, talented women, what happened to Leia? She's too much in the background, too jealous of Emme (I did like the wedding ceremony — nice to have it definite, and I do think Leia in the movie ought to choose Luke, whether she actually does or not — they're closer in age, and could get along better; Leia and Han would kill each other in less than a month). [6]
In "Emme's Diary, Part II" — all the new Jedi are men. Why? Surely there must have been some women of potential in that room for Emme to have chosen. In fact, it seems unreasonable to suppose that there were not. I was somewhat mollified to find females among the older Jedi-in-hiding In "Last Flight of the Millennium Falcon" however. But one thing I've noticed in many zines is a tendency to depict female fighters as non-human — as if Terran/human women couldn't possibly do such things as fight. [7]


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