Echoes (Star Trek: TOS story by Dovya Blacque)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Echoes
Author(s): Dovya Blacque
Date(s): 1985
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
External Links: online here
art for this story by Merle Decker

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Echoes is a K/S story written by Dovya Blacque. The art is by Merle Decker.

It was published in the print zine As I Do Thee #3. It was rewritten and reprinted in Thunder & Lightning.


"After the Fal Tor Pan, Kirk fears for both his friends and for his future with Spock."

Reactions and Reviews

This story hit on an aspect I hadn't thought about before - what is the influence of any remaining bond between Spock and McCoy, after Spock is revived, on the relationship between K&S. Well done. It made me think. I got quite tickled at McCoy sending them off for a honeymoon, but not too far from him. I like the relationship between McCoy and Spock, and the supportive Sarek. It was great to see all of them pulling together to make all of them whole. And this "Spock's fingers closed more firmly on his and he realized they still held hands...and that McCoy had taken it all in stride." Such a lovely summary of the 3-way friendship and the new aspects brought about by the sharing of the katra and the refusion. [1]
A wonderful post-ST III story, focusing on the events on Vulcan immediately following the Fal-T or-Pan. Great characterizations, especially McCoy. Usually in similar stories his role as the carrier of Spock's katra is forgotten or barely acknowledged, but not here. A sweet and gentle tale of reawakening and rebirth. Highly recommended. [2]
Oh wow. You've made me tear up! This is so lovely :) It is really interesting to read about things more from McCoy's perspective - this is something not really touched on in as much detail very often as you have here. I particularly liked the intensely vulnerable sides of McCoy and Spock, and their connection, which is intriguing and also very moving. And, I also like the way that you have an understanding growning between Kirk and Sarek - I think they have a lot in common, in a way. [3]


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