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Journal Community
Name: easycotroopers
Date(s): Created on 2018-09-20 (dreamwidth), first post 2018-05-08 (tumblr)- 2019
Moderator: easycotroopersmod, kunstarschloch (kunstvogel on tumblr)
Fandom: HBO War
URL: tumblr; dreamwidth; Easy Company Troopers Fic Exchange AO3 collection; HBO War Week 2019 AO3 collection

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easycotroopers was an HBO War community started in 2018 that was hosted on dreamwidth, tumblr, and discord. The community ran gift exchanges and fests, and other discussion and announcement posts were also allowed on the dreamwidth comm.

The name is a reference to Band of Brothers, but the community also allowed The Pacific and Generation Kill posts.

According to the 2019 community guidelines,

This community was created following some fairly widespread fandom drama. We aim to bring the fandom together and create a safe place for HBO War fans to share their works in. This community serves as a message board for the semi-annual fic events we host, but forum-style user posting is allowed as well.[1]

As of 21 October 2019, the dreamwidth comm had 85 posts, 263 comments, 43 members, and 40 subscribers.[2] However, some posts had already been deleted.


On October 21, 2019, the mod announced that the Dreamwidth community would be deleted on October 27, but that the tumblr and discord would continue:

It is simply causing too much emotional strain on me in light of recent interpersonal events, and based on the response I have gotten to recent clarifications and tightening of our rules, it has become obvious to me that Dreamwidth is not a place in which the values of this community can thrive.[3]

According to fail_fandomanon threads, the mod had begun espousing anti-shipper views and had changed the community rules. One person was banned from the community for posting fanworks that apparently did not violate the new rules.[4]

As of October 2019, the dreamwidth comm prohibited "any works containing explicit rape, sexual abuse, or underage sex, including fantasy play."[1]

As of early 2020, the tumblr and associated AO3 collections were also deleted.


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