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Journal Community
Name: The Due South Noticeboard
Date(s): Created on 3 August 2004
Moderator: cesperanza, sageness
Founder: cesperanza
Fandom: Due South
URL: ds_noticeboard LJ
ds_noticeboard DW

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Monthly posting rate 2004-2020. The community was most active between 2005 and 2008, but was still in use up to the move to Dreamwidth.

ds_noticeboard is a Due South LiveJournal community for "announcing DS stories, sharing DS news, and making DS recs".[1] It effectively replaced the dsreporter newsletter, which closed a few weeks later, though it functions very differently; link roundups of new stories were posted on dsreporter by the anonymous mods, whereas on ds_noticeboard everyone posts announcements for their own fanworks.

In the introductory post, Speranza wrote,

It's kind of a replacement for the now-defunct ds_flashback rec site (though that site will remain as a resource), and it's kind of competition for the Due South Reporter; hopefully it will be a centralized location for due South fans and posting here will insure that that your stories reach their target audience and that your news and recs reach interested listeners.[2]

A few weeks later she added,

An extra-special-shout-out-to-Vecchio people: "Hey! Vecchio-people! We want your stories! Please come post here! Pimp your friends!" (Ces deletes email that says: "It would just really suck if Noticeboard became another outlet for the 'those Kowalski ho's.'")[3]

Nevertheless, based on the community tags it appears that Fraser/Kowalski was the most popular ship with well over 1400 posts, though there were 224 Fraser/Vecchio posts, 165 Ray Vecchio/Ray Kowalski posts, and 104 Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski posts along with gen (354), het (206), femslash (29), and misc other pairings.

ds_noticeboard was a major hub of Due South fandom activity on LiveJournal.

As of January 2021, the comm has 6,502 posts; 14,767 comments; and 852 members.[1]

Move to Dreamwidth

In January 2017 ds_noticeboard, along with several other comms sageness modded, was imported to the dreamwidth mirror and the community's base of operations moved to dreamwidth.[4] Earlier in the month sageness reported,

As many of you are aware, there are concerns (many links here) regarding last month's sudden, unannounced move of LJ's servers from the US to Russia, where there are no privacy protections and no enforced legal protection for free speech. Six Apart (SUP) has been in financial trouble for some time, and, given the new circumstances, there's a fair degree of worry that LJ could be shuttered without notice. I think it's fair to say that back in the early 2000s, LJ comms were the heart and soul of Due South fandom, and multiple people have come to me requesting that I import the communities that I mod to Dreamwidth in order to preserve our awesome fannish history against potential erasure. I am totally on board with this, because even if LJ stays around forever, it never hurts to have a backup.[5]

On dreamwidth posting has continued, though at a much lower rate than during the comm's heyday. Mekare was added as a comod in 2018[6] As of January 2021 the dreamwidth comm has 7,061 posts; 15,938 comments; and 86 members.[7]


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