Dreams & Desires

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Name: Dreams & Desires
Owner/Maintainer: Aphrodite
Dates: 13 February 2003 - 29 March 2006 (last update[1])
Type: fanfic site
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
URL: http://www.geocities.com/dragon0524/ (Wayback)
Dreams and Desires-2005-05-06.jpg
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Dreams & Desires is devoted to fiction, both slash and het, about the characters and actors involved in Lord of the Rings. The stories are by Athena and Aphrodite. Most of the character slash fic by Aphrodite features the pairing of Boromir and Aragorn. The stories by Athena are mostly Viggo/Orlando RPS.

The page was listed in the Slash Page Database Project and was a member of The Aragorn/Boromir Slash Ring where it was listed under the name Doubt and Desire.[2] It was also a member of the Lord of the Rings NC-17 Fanfiction Ring and The Lord of the Slash Ring.

Dreams & Desires was hosted by GeoCities.


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