The Aragorn/Boromir Slash Ring

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Name: The Aragorn/Boromir Slash Ring
Date Founded:
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Focus: slash
Wayback version 16 July 2004

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The Aragorn/Boromir Slash Ring is a webring for Aragorn/Boromir slash sites.

Member Sites

  • ...Mightier Than the Sword: Lord of the Community's Fan Fiction. Join Date: July 22, 2003. ...Mightier Than the Sword's 'Lord of the Rings' section. Aragorn/Boromir stories preferred, others welcomed.
  • Aragorn - The Fan Site. Join Date: March 27, 2002. Pics, info on Aragorn.
  • Aragorn & Boromir. Join Date: January 04, 2002. Pics, info and stories about this beautifully tragic pair from the movie "The Fellowship of the Ring"
  • Arandur Mine. Join Date: September 01, 2002. A home for Sasjah Miller's Aragorn/Boromir fan fiction.
  • Boromir: A Hero's Journey. Join Date: October 09, 2003. A new page for Boromir. Hosts fanfic (of course also A/B fics), images and info. Also have info on Aragorn, Legolas, Sharpe and Sean Bean. The above link takes you to the webring page. You need to click on the banner at the end of the page to go to the front page.
  • boromir for ringbearer. Join Date: March 27, 2003. boromir for ringbearer campaign HQ, contans bormir bio, statistics, quiz, mvs etc... and the all important boromir slash fics - mostly boromir x aragorn - the workshop's own & selected hosted fics, too...
  • By the Blood of Gondor. Join Date: November 06, 2003. Site with mostly slash/RPS fics about Boromir/Sean B., Aragorn/Viggo, and Legolas right now, but ALL fics are welcome. Also has "real" slash pictures, as well as large "movie" slash screen caps.
  • Dark Forest. Join Date: January 28, 2003. A site with lots of slash stories and fanfics - but it is in German.
  • Doubt and Desire. Join Date: March 07, 2003. Slash fiction section dedicated exclusively to Aragorn/Boromir. LotR character Het and RPH also on this site.
  • FellowShip. Join Date: February 23, 2002. Slash fanfiction and fanart devoted to those two fine fellows Aragorn and Boromir (played by Viggo Mortensen & Sean Bean) from Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring".
  • Hidden Whispers. Join Date: April 18, 2004. A Directory listing Lord of the Rings Fanfiction related Websites
  • Kylie's Villian. Join Date: March 10, 2002. Dedicated to the Aragorn x Boromir-pairing and archive for German slash/general fanfiction.
  • Minas Ithil. Join Date: February 19, 2003. LotR Fan-art site, some slash art, Aragorn/Boromir though there are other pairings as well.
  • the realm of middle earth. Join Date: October 16, 2003. lotr message board
  • Saira's Library. Join Date: October 13, 2003. Saira's Library contains both slash and het fanfic of the fictional characters Aragorn and Boromir as well as the real people Viggo Mortensen and Sean Bean. Also original fiction and poetry may be found here.
  • Soccer and Shades. Join Date: May 18, 2002. Personal fic page with Boromir/Aragorn stories, as well as Gundam Wing, Weiss Kreuz and a bit of RPS.
  • Your Cruise Director's Fan Fiction. Join Date: September 21, 2002. Your Cruise Director's Aragorn/Boromir stories.
  • ZeroMuch Videos. Join Date: April 18, 2004. Slash Vids featuring Boromir/Aragorn.