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Dates: 2004-2008
Type: fanvids
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, multifandom
2007 version of the site
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Contents is the home of JennMiller's fanvids. The name was chosen after a quote from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.[1] The last update was in 2008 but the site remains online for those who want to seek out the vids.[2]
The original intent of the site was to provide Faramir (and general) screencaps immediately following the theatrical release of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
Upon viewing fanvids from such wonderful vidders as Karen and Ashinae, I decided to try my hand at vidding. [...] As expected, my first several vids were LOTR vids. My first non-LOTR vid was a Troy vid [...]. I made my first LOST vid just after seeing the pilot episode. I fell in :love: with the show and have enjoyed it very much. SGA vids are another kind of challenge. I find it very difficult to match songs to the show, especially since it's set in a place that's both old and new.[1]
The Lord of the Rings vids are sorted by Group Vids, Character Vids, Relationship Vids, and Boromir/Aragorn.

Movie vid fandoms: 5th Element, Ghost World, Harry Potter, Kung Fu Hustle, Star Wars, Van Helsing.

TV series vid fandoms: Doctor Who, Heroes, Lost, Robin Hood, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1.

In 2004 the site[3] was a member of The Aragorn/Boromir Slash Ring.[4]


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