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Title: Dragon Ball AF
Creator: David/Daniel Montiel Franco (created the first fanart), Toyble/Toyotarō (creator of the most popular doujinshi)
Date(s): late 90s - early 2000s
Medium: Fanart and doujinshi
Fandom: Dragon Ball
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The fanart that inspired the Dragon Ball AF hoax, by David Montiel Franco
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Dragon Ball AF was a rumored sequel to Dragon Ball that was thought of existing on the late 90s and early 2000s, that would take place after Dragon Ball GT. It was based on many different fanarts that were found on the internet at the time, and inspired some fans to create their own version of said story.

The Origins

The Dragon Ball AF hoax doen't have a solid start, though some people say that it's beginnings can be found around 1997, when GT was ending in Japan. Fans talked about rumours of a fourth series being made, with many fans on the internet writing theories and spreading around any rumours that they had heard.

The first piece of Dragon Ball AF related content that is believed to have existed, or at the very least the first one to be popular, was a drawing of a saiyan in a super form very similar to the Super Saiyan 4, but with white and red fur, with logo "Dragon Ball AF" at the corner, that found it's way to the internet in the early 2000s. He was theorized to be Goku in a new form, Super Saiyan 5, and the drawing was said to be promotional art of a new series that hadn't been translated for the western markets yet.

In reality the drawing was just fanart, that was originally published in a spanish videogame magazine called "Hobby Consolas" in their 92th issue from May of 1999[1]; the fanart is credited to David Montiel Franco, often misremembered as Daniel Montiel Franco. It was not known if it was really supposed to be a new super form, or even Goku, seeing how it looks like the character is wearing Potara earring; some that believed the hoax to be older even speculated that the fanart might have been inspired by the rumours. In 2012 however, after being asked about the original drawing, David said that the character really wasn't supposed to be Goku, who was going to be dead in his version of AF, and was instead an Original Character called Tablos.[2]



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