Double or Quits

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Double or Quits
Author(s): Margaret Draper
Date(s): 1980
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Double or Quits is a gen Star Trek: TOS story by Margaret Draper.

It was published in Alnitah #12.

The Var Series

Reactions and Reviews

Var witnesses Spock selling Federation secrets to the Klingons - actually, Spock's capture by a privateer captain who sells him to the Romulans. Kirk and McCoy piece together what has happened, and Kirk, disguised as a Klingon, goes off to the rescue with Var. Spock is briefly reunited with the Commander, about to be exiled for returning alive from Federation capture. As the Enterprise men escape, she makes good on her refusal to be a pawn by blowing up the pursuit ship on which she is a captive. Excellent characterizations. [1]
"Double Quits" is the third part of Margaret Draper's series of stories based on the episode "The Enterprise Incident." Fortunately, there is a summary of what has gone before, and the story's ending does not leave you hanging. It is a complete story all its own, and worth the read even if you've never read the two preceding stories or the following ones. This is the best, and the longest, story in this issue, engrossing and skillfully plotted. [2]


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