Doris Beetem the Younger

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You may be looking for Doris Beetem (The Elder Godhess).
Name: Doris Beetem
Alias(es): Doris Beetem the Younger, Dee Beetem
Type: writer, publisher, filker
Fandoms: Star Trek, Blake's 7, Lord of the Rings, The Real Ghostbusters, Alias Smith & Jones, The Muppet Show, Robin of Sherwood, Doctor Who, Sherlock
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Doris Beetem the Younger is one of the early Star Trek fanzine era fans who both published and contributed to fanzines.

She began writing fanfiction at the age of 16.

She contributed filk lyrics (mainly Blake's 7). In her later years she also wrote Blake's 7 fanfiction and published a Lord of the Rings novel in the 2000s. She was one of the founding members of DASFA (Denver Area Science Fiction Association), along with her mom, Doris Beetem (The Elder Godhess), and her younger sister, Rose.[1][2]

Dee was also president (as of 1998) of the fan club Several Unlimited. [3]

Some Fanfic

Some of her fanfic has been archived online (all Star Trek)

More fic can be found at (mainly LOTR)

Fanzines Published or Edited



  • 1996 FanQ for MULTI-MEDIA -- STORY -- GEN, IMAGE OF A REBEL -- Dee Beetem & Margaret McNickle, published in TEXAS REVELATIONS 2, editor/publisher Erika Frensley, Sue Wells & Candace Pulleine


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