Don't Like, Don't Read

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Synonyms: DLDR, DL;DR
See also: Disclaimer, IDIC, Your fandom's ok, my fandom's ok, Ship and Let Ship, Your Kink Is Not My Kink, Your Kink Is Not My Kink
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Don't Like, Don't Read is a phrase used to warn against complaints about an aspect of fic or meta.

Originally, it was used as a disclaimer warning in the header of fiction that portrayed a same sex relationship (usually slash). This sense is older and not widely used in most fandoms anymore, though it survives in some corners.[1][2]

To the amusement/bemusement of some older fen, the term seems to be in use again as of 2016, either in its original sense or to try and avoid other complaints, such as objections about a fic's cast, ship, tropes or kinks, lack of beta, or about unpopular opinions in blog posts.[3] In that sense, it is a synonym of Ship and Let Ship.

Some Examples of Use

Slash Warning

  • "[I remember] really aggressive disclaimers on slash fic (GAY STUFF IF YOU DON’T LIKE DON’T READ etc), and a general terror of homophobia. So many people were genuinely frightened of what would happen if their story about Trowa and Quatre kissing got into the “wrong” hands that it seems unimaginable now." [4]
  • "Also pairing wars could be a whole new ball game - if the mod didn’t like your pairing or thought it was Not Safe For Kids because it was gay, they would ban you. That’s what eventually [led] to the Don’t Like Don’t Read disclaimers, and later, endless arguments about warnings. (One thing I will never miss [from the past]: the people who thought queers should warn for all slash content, but noncanon het pairings were aokay.)" [5]
  • "Man, I just remember songfic and FFNet’s ‘Don’t Like, Don’t Read’ messages. And getting into LJ culture as a bebe!fan just as LJ was dying." [6]

Other uses

  • "Reblog if You Think No One Has The Right To Be The Fandom Police #Don't Shit On Other Fans, #Ship and Let Ship, #Don't Like Don't Read, #Your Kink Is Not My Kink, #There Are No Fandom Police"[7]
  • "#incoherent rant, #opinion tag, #sorry the guy just drives me crazy, #in the words of an ancient fanfiction proverb, #don't like don't read"[8]
  • "With a side of Eleanor (don't like, don't read)"[9]
  • "Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Fang (BoBoiBoy), BoBoiBoy - Character, alternatif reality, based on ep 23 part 3, Friendship, Angst, kinda OOC, DLDR"[10]
  • "No Archive Warnings Apply, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, [...] Infantilism, Non-Sexual Age Play, forced age play, Forced infantilism, Diapers, bottles, More tags added soon, dont like dont read"[11]




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