Don't Get Excited

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Title: Don't Get Excited
Publisher: unknown
Editor(s): Penny Century, Vesper Diem
Date(s): 2000 or later
Fandom: Star Wars
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Don't Get Excited is the name of an adult het fanzine that was proposed in 2000. The editors had hoped to simultaneously release both a print and online version.[1] It is unclear if the zine was ever published in print format; however therd is an archived an online versions for issue 1 and issue 2.[2]

Issue 1

The first issue accepted fanfic that they rated NC-17.


  • Need by Dianora, illustrated by Leela Starsky. Han and Leia consummate their relationship. Takes place during "Return of the Jedi."
  • Interlude by Dianora. During downtime on Endor, Han and Leia think about the future.
  • Variation on a Theme by Penny Century. Illustrated by Leela Starsky. Smutty fluff inspired by a moment from Barbara Hambly's Children of the Jedi. No plot. 'Nuff said.

Short Stories

  • The Princess and the Pirate by Corellian Blue. A little role-playing never hurt anyone. Han and Leia act out a few stereotypes in their own inimitable way.
  • Rising to the Occasion by Dianora, illustrated by Leela Starsky. The Solos learn they're expecting, and their response to the news is not what they'd expected.

Long Stories and Novellas

  • Bridges by Marie F. The trip to Bespin—an unexpurgated version of "Fewer and Fewer Degrees of Separation," from Marie's Missing Moments series.
  • The Quality of Mercy by Vesper Diem, illustrated by the author. A/U What if Vader had learned on Bespin that Leia was his daughter—and pregnant with Han's child?

Issue 2

The second issue accepted fanfic that the editors rated up to R.


  • Never Tell Me The Odds by Helen Potter. A smuggler, a rebel, a not-so-innocuous card game. Takes place between "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back."

Short Stories

  • Unavoidably Detained by Industria, illustrated by Leela Starsky. At the Endor celebration, Leia's doubts and fears threaten to blind her to a larger disaster. Warning: Sexual situations. Readers cautioned.
  • To Dance With Shadows by Isolde. After the Empire's defeat, Han and Leia want to get on with their future...but what if the past won't let go? Warning: Violence, sexual situations. Readers strongly cautioned.

Long Stories and Novellas

  • The Heavens That We Have In Hand by Vesper Diem. Set between "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back." Han and Leia make plans for their first date—but an old enemy has plans of his own. Warning: Violence. Readers strongly cautioned.


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