Dipper Goes To Taco Bell

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Title: Dipper Goes To Taco Bell
Author(s): MASTAofTehcitirsFruits
Date(s): August 23, 2012
Length: 5,145 words
Genre: Shockfic
Fandom: Gravity Falls
External Links: Dipper Goes To Taco Bell (archived), Dipper Goes To Taco Bell (reupload) (SFW version), On Quotev

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Dipper Goes To Taco Bell is a Gravity Falls shockfic written by MASTAofTehcitrusFruits. The story was originally uploaded on FanFiction.Net on August 23, 2012, but has since been removed for violating the website's Terms of Service. The story became infamous within the Gravity Falls fandom for its gore-filled narrative, and is considered to be one of the worst fanfics ever written.


The story centers on Gravity Falls character Dipper Pines, who discovers a Taco Bell restaurant in the middle of the forest. Despite the suspicious nature of the restaurant, Dipper orders a taco and takes a bite before suddenly suffering from diarrhea. While in the bathroom, Dipper becomes aroused by his feces and various bodily fluids and begins masturbating vigorously, before accidentally biting off a piece of his penis off and subsequently bleeding to death. Dipper's corpse is discovered by his twin sister, Mabel, who proceeds to have sex with his corpse before being killed by a Taco Bell employee. The Taco Bell employee proceeds to turn the twins' corpses into tacos with the help of an unknown machine. At the end of the story, Soos enters the restaurant and orders a taco.


A Tumblr post submitted by Morearmsthanyourbodyhasroomfor depicting Grunkle Stan drawn in the style of the Shit, I'm Late for School trend

The story almost instantly gained infamy on the internet for its gruesome content, with many feedback posts featuring the tag "dipper goes to taco bell" appearing on Tumblr, DeviantArt, and YouTube. Fan art depicting photoshopped images of Dipper outside a Taco Bell or Dipper discovering the story became popular on DeviantArt and Tumblr.

A remix song based on the Gravity Falls opening theme and the song "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" by satirical hip-hop group Das Racist was created by Tumblr user Drawingguitarist.[1]

Some fans believe that series creator Alex Hirsch has read the story, after Hirsch released this message:

Hey Tumblr! I'm Alex Hirsch, creator of the animated TV series Gravity Falls. For ages now I have lurked in anonymity, hiding in the shadows of the internet, watching as you've GIF'ed our jokes and shipped our characters and done unspeakable things to my dear Pines Twins. You...you've got some issues Tumbler. We're all worried about you.

This claim is further supported by the appearance of a taco in the episode "Fight Fighters" and a taco item in the video game "PinesQuest" whose description reads, "you don't want to know what it's made of."