Die J/C Die Contest

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Name: Die J/C Die Contest
Date(s): 2002–2005
Frequency: Annual
Format: Open voting
Type: Slash and het fic
Associated Community:
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
URL: http://www.geocities.com/thespiritwalk/jc.html (2005)
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The Die J/C Die Contest was an annual Star Trek Voyager fanfic contest for anti-Janeway/Chakotay fic, both slash and het. The contest ran in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005.

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First place: Break up J/C in any way possible, without killing either Janeway or Chakotay. J & C don't even have to be in a relationship for you to break it up. The mere notion, even an idea of J/C, is enough to warrant our fervent desire to stomp and stab it to death. The messier the J/C death, the more fun it is.

Second place: All anti-J/C pairings allowed. C/P, C/7, C/T, C/Tu, J/Tu, J/T, J/7, J/P, and so or and so forth. Threesomes, foursomes, J or C paired up with original characters. Whatever you may want to cook up, go for it.

3. Be nice. No character death stories. That means all main characters, not just J/C.

4. No cheap plot devices. No alien mind takeovers just for the sake of breaking up J/C. No instant personality transplants. No gender bender--don't turn Chakotay into a woman or Janeway into a man.

5. No male pregnancy. It's a personal bias, but we're running this thing. So there. ;)

6. No WIPs allowed. All stories submitted must be complete before submission. One author can submit up to 3 stories. Older stories are allowed if they fulfill all the requirements. Stories entered in the earlier installment of Die J/C Die cannot be entered again.

7. All ratings are allowed. NC-17, blood, violence, Angst, Hurt/comfort. Whatever strikes your fancy, feel free to try it out--as long as proper warnings are in place.

8. Stories that don't meet the criteria will be rejected. The final decision rests with the organizers. Please note there are more than one of us involved here and the decision won't be made by just one person.[1]

Phase I awards


First place: "Real Affection" by Diane Bellomo

Second place: "Friends, nothing more, nothing less" by Dolittle95125

Third place: "Monkey Business" by Layla V

Honorable Mentions: "The Most Deathless Love" by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring, tied with "No Cause for Celebration" by Jaye


First place: "Changes" by JJ

Second place: "Probable Impossibilities" by Polly Bywater

Third place: "Mating Dance" by Jaye

Honorable Mentions: "Love & Boxing" by Cheryl Forbes, tied with "Ending the Game" by Maxine

Phase II awards

The 2003 contest was called "Phase II".


First place: "Case Closed" by Jaye

Second place: "Triptych" by Jaye

Third place: "Verisimilitude" by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring

Honorable Mention: "A Tragic Case of Unrequited Lust" by Dolittle95125


First place: "Betrayed" by JJ

Second place: "Entangled" by Layla V

Third place: "Fever" by Jaye

Honorable Mention: "Spark" by Shafshir

2004 awards


First place: "Once More to the Journey" by Teya

Second place: "In the Spirit of Things" by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring & Kate

Third place: "Birthday Wishes" by Dolittle95125

Honorable Mention: "Risky Business" by Jaye


First place: "Absolute Power" by Layla V

Second place: "Be Careful what you Wish for" by JJ

Third place: "The Art of Love" by Jaye

Honorable Mention: "Scratched" by Mandy

2005 awards


First place: "And Refuse Thy Name" by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring

Second place: "The Journey Back" by Dolittle95125

Third place: "Letters from the Country" by Brenda & Kathleen

Honorable Mention: "Divergence" by Jaye


First place: "Oh my God, they Killed Chakotay" by Sazzy

Second place: "The Kissing Bandit" by Angelee

Third place: "The Dark Side of the Glass" by Jaye

Honorable Mention: "(In)directives" by Aqua Blurr