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Pairing: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd
Alternative name(s): Robincest, Dick/Jason, JayDick
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Batman
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: fairly popular
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Dick/Jason is the Batman slash pairing of Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing) and Jason Todd (Robin/Red Hood).


Fanworks appeared for the pairing have appeared on YouTube, Archive of Our Own, Tumblr, DeviantART, Wattpad, and Fanfiction.net.

Based on works posted at Ao3, it is the most popular pairing for both of these characters and is particularly popular in the DC comics fandom. This pairing also appears in Teen Titans and Young Justice fandoms. It is also the second most popular pairing in the live actions Titans TV series fandom, despite the two character having limited interactions in the first series.

In December 2018, the Tumblr tag JayDick was deleted as part of the Tumblr Purge.[1] Fans began using JasonxDick and Dickjay tags to share content.


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  • Regarding Jaydick by scaleypanties, this is really just a counterargument to all the dumb myths people spew out but the unspoken part is all the reasons TO ship jaydick (2016)

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